Yoga 201

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Yoga 201: Intermediate Alignment Refinement

A five week intermediate series for yogis who want to learn more advanced poses and techniques used in Strength & Surrender and Fierce Flow classes. This program will build on the basics covered in our Yoga 101 series but is open to all students. Some yoga experience is recommended. Non-member participants will receive a 5 class pass to use for any classes in Namaste.

DATE:        Tuesdays, February 19th - March 19

TIME:         8pm - 9pm

WHERE:  Namaste Studio, CHHRC

  •  Learn key steps to work toward intermediate and advanced poses like arm balances, inversions, and back bends
  • Build strength and mobility needed to achieve a deeper physical practice
  • Explore more advanced pranyama (breathing) and meditation techniques
  • Dive into Yogic philosophy to better understand the non-physical practice
  • Gain the confidence you need to feel comfortable in any Strength and Surrender or Fierce Flow class!

Registration options look like this: 

  • $25 for Members (Only $5 per session!)
  • $45 for Non-Members - includes FIVE Class Pass to use for ANY class in the Namaste Studio!

Fill out the form to reserve your spot in our Yoga 201 Series!